Wines of Argentina

Argentina is the fifth largest producer of wine in the world and a large consumer too. In the 90s, a shift in political attitudes opened up Argentina's borders and investors from the USA and Europe invested heavily in vineyard and winery projects.


The results were a dramatic improvement in quality and the introduction of Argentinian wines onto the International market. Argentinian grapes of note include Torrontes for the white and Bonarda and Cabernet Sauvignon for the red. But Argentina is best known for our excellent reds made from the Malbec grape, which ripens far better in the Argentinian climate than it ever could in France.


Argentina lies between the same lines of latitude as South Africa, South Australia and New Zealand and has a similar climate. Add to this glorious sunshine, the cooling effect of the vineyards at altitude in the foothills of the Andes and Argentina has the natural attributes to produce truly world class wines.


The quality end of the spectrum in Argentina is right up there amongst the very best in the world. A great number of local wineries are able to produce stunning world class wines and at very competitive prices. If you've never tried GOOD Argentine wine before please try a few bottles from our site!


If you are visiting Argentina, we have two wine and leather shops to welcome you at Buenos Aires and Mendoza.

There we will offer you 12-bottle wine boxes to be checked at the airport when you return home, we could arrange the free delivery of theses boxes to your hotel and offer tax-free fill-in forms so as you could get a refund of VAT.

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